Lorenzo Giordano is an artist and film director with international experience. He has lived between Lisbon, Mumbai, London, Florence and Rome and has collaborated with several internationally renowned filmmakers and photographers such as Wim Wenders, Alex Webb, Marco Bellocchio, Harry Gruyaert, Mark Power and Jan Fabre. Before directing he began his career as a photographer and assistant photographer at Magnum Agency, a decisive experience in developing own personal approach to creating a photographic vision and personal storytelling. In 2016, he completed his debut creative feature documentary "Tra Ponente e Levante,"  presented at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival, and Zones Portuaires. In 2022, he was the creative producer for the first animated film produced by Luca Guadagnino, "The Meatseller," directed by Margherita Giusti, the film premiered at the 80th Venice International Film Festival, won the 69th David di Donatello award for Best Short Film. In 2023 he was the creative producer for the Italian-Mexican animation project "Gravity," directed by Robotina. Since 2023 he has been developing as author and director, his second creative documentary “My Holy Mountain”, a mystic scientific film about an archaeological discovery in Italy; with the help of archaeoastronomers the film aims to tell of humanity’s ancestral connection between earth and sky through an unique discovery that may date back to the Paleolithic era.