In Valse de meduse the band components narrate their own stories: the lyric singer attracts birds formations, the little crystal lady flies in her bubble, the medusa freezes the creatures around her with the power of her sight and the little Golconda man lands on earth reuniting the four musicians. The video has been shot entirely with the technique of the chinese shadows. After the shooting it’s been animated on a 2D animation platform.
Concept: Gioia Di Biagio, Direction: Gioia Di Biagio – Sara Taigher, Animation: Sara Taigher, Produced by: So What and Rat Creatives in collaboration with Le Cardamomò, Direction of photography: Ippolito Simion, Camera operator: Lorenzo Giordano, sound design: Giancarlo Barbati (presso Snakes Studio), Styling: Alexia Mingarelli, Costumes: Vertigo Vintage Boutique (Via del Gesù, Roma), Set photographers: Ilaria Di Biagio, Cristina Vatielli, Special thanks: Maddalena Giansanti, Mariano Dolci, Valerio Vitalini
Production company: So What Pictures